Quality and trust

Quality not only substantiates but also underpins the trust and satisfaction of our business partners and employers. We take a holistic approach to meeting quality and service expectations. Our actions are determined by your expectations and requirements.

Innovations and applications

We think in terms of applications and, in turn, develop innovative solutions and services which make building, renovating and improvement work more efficient and simpler!

Communication, partnership and honesty

Honesty forms the basis of our relationships with business partners and employees. We maintain an open and cooperative exchange of experience and information in order to succeed together. We are the partner which the trade relies upon to implement tailored trade concepts and successful internationalisation strategies. As we understand the customer purchase process better than anyone else, we can offer expert support and assistance to the national and international trade.

Tradition, responsibility and sustainability

Our actions are based on a long-standing tradition and company history rather than on short-term successes. Employees are our most important resource. We encourage our employees in their personal and professional development. Mutual respect, trust and support are the keys to successful teamwork and excellent performance.

Family and career

Awareness of family is a culture lived out in the company and contributes to finding a balance between corporate objectives and the interests of employees in the various stages of life. By improving the reconciliation of work and family life, we increase employee satisfaction, staff loyalty and long-term competitiveness.

Quality and environmental management

Quality and environment management go hand in hand at our company. We are conscious of our responsibility to protect the environment, resources and people in our surroundings.