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We don't just supply trade; we work with retailers to develop solutions for optimising product displays and customer service.

Product display development

We help you stand out from the crowd; our bespoke product display concepts for DIY and specialist retailers provide you with a unique competitive advantage. With us, you benefit not only from the combined experience of our employees and partners which we have accumulated over many years, but also the solutions which we have developed, which are in part patented.

30,000 storage spaces and >95% supply rate

We offer a modern warehousing system with about 6,500 stock items across over 30,000 square meters of storage space. Thanks to SAP-controlled processes, optimal packaging sizes and cooperation with well-known forwarders, we achieve a daily supply rate in excess of 95%.

Field sales

More than 40 employees support our partners in Europe with sales-oriented on-site planning. We advise on localised product ranges, store concepts and displays. We also provide training for the different ranges.

A strong team

Our partners’ and customers’ concerns are handled in an expert manner with a clear solution-oriented focus — from order management to the handling of returns and everything in between.

Customer Service

Logistics solutions

  • Modern warehousing located in Germany
  • Over 30,000 storage spaces spread out over more than 30,000 sqm.
  • Approx. 6500 stock items
  • Daily supply rate >95%
  • SAP-controlled processes
  • Cooperation with major well known forwarders
  • Optimal packaging sizes and needs-oriented shipping
  • Various delivery concepts, e.g. cross-docking centres, central warehouse delivery, end customer delivery and deliveries to construction sites 
  • Tailored packaging solutions
  • EDI-controlled ordering and invoicing system

Tailored range

In close cooperation with specialist trade, we have developed a product range which takes the unique requirements of this sector into account. This has resulted in adapted packaging sizes and versions, expansion of our product ranges and a dedicated trade catalogue.