As the leading company on the market, we know better than anyone what the expectations and requirements of our customers are in terms of products, quality and partnership, and stop at nothing to ensure your success.

Our quality standards are not just measured by our product and process characteristics, but by all the activities in our company. Because we do this by applying sustainable quality management, innovative technologies and customised logistics solutions, products and supply concepts are produced which are perfectly tailored to our customers.

For example, GAH-Alberts is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 and boasts European CE marking for all relevant wooden fasteners for static structures.


DIN EN ISO 9001 und 14001

Quality is a key factor in the current competitive climate. Quality helps us to win and retain the trust and satisfaction of our customers and also to tap into new markets.

That is why we undertake to fully satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers with regard to the quality, price and supply availability of our products and services.

For us quality means
  • fault-free products in the quality specified by the customer
  • compliance with the agreed delivery dates and assurance of a high level of supply availability
  • market-oriented development of new products and further development of existing products while taking the individual ranges requested by our customers into consideration
  • provision of existing services in the quality required and the development of new service and consultation offerings based on current and future market demands
  • continuous and careful monitoring of the market to allow rapid reaction to market changes
  • establishing customer needs

Quality and environment management form a single entity at our company. The environmental policy is appropriate for the company’s environmental impact and is summarised in guiding principles.

Environmental improvements and a reduction in pollution are tasks which we can only tackle by working together. That is why GAH-Alberts endeavours to protect the environment in all its corporate undertakings. The environmental policy and environmental goals have been laid out by the management in five guiding principles; these act as guidelines for encouraging the company and employees alike to conduct themselves in an environmentally-responsible way.

Guiding principle 1

All employees are committed to protecting the environment.

Guiding principle 2

We continuously check and evaluate our production processes and products for negative effects on the environment. The same applies prior to the launch of new products and procedures.

Guiding principle 3

We continuously minimise the effects of our production processes and products on the environment.

Guiding principle 4

We undertake to comply with environmental legislation and the company’s environmental goals.

Guiding principle 5

We maintain an open and cooperative exchange of experience and information with customers, suppliers, public authorities and the general public.

Greater transparency and safety! With the CE marking you can rest assured that we satisfy the highest standards on a permanent basis. We permanently meet the highest standards, provide proof of the compliance of our products with guidelines, and maintain a comprehensive production monitoring system. We do everything we can to achieve transparent top quality that you can always rely on.

You can count on this:
  • CE-marked products boast all the excellent GAH product characteristics! Thereby, we offer dealers and users added transparency in terms of quality and safety.
  • Focusing on what really matters: Your design tasks. We take care of the rest in accordance with CE requirements, i.e. loading capacity, safety, durability and compliance with applicable regulations such as ISO 9001 certification.
  • We are fully committed to ensuring your success! We place our expertise and experience at your disposal to enable you to install products with first-rate characteristics. As a company, we vouch for this with our certifications and quality standards.
  • At GAH-Alberts you are at the heart of everything we do! We do not just blindly comply with standards or laws. Instead, we give priority to your requirements for performance and quality!
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The European Organisation for Technical Approvals (EOTA)
Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (German institute for construction engineering)

GAH-Alberts has been involved in the BSCI since October 2011. In line with our corporate values and goals, we see it as our duty to improve social standards in the global delivery chain. By taking part in this initiative, we are working to ensure that products from so-called “risk countries” are produced under decent labour conditions and in compliance with the national environmental regulations. To this end, the social aspects (discrimination, child labour, payment of employees, etc.) of certain suppliers are inspected on a regular basis.

In the event of deviations, measures are taken to ensure compliance with the specifications.
The notion of creating prosperity at the expense of individuals subjected to poor labour conditions is absolutely unacceptable to us!

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BSCI - Business Social Compilance Initiative