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Germany‘s finest
wood connectors.

The products


Buy quality the first time round and you won't be disappointed.

That’s the attitude of many customers. In addition, there is increasing demand for products that highlight individuality. This is why GAH-Alberts has developed the DURAVIS® range, which includes both wood connectors and fittings for wooden fences.

The colourful duplex-coating is ideally suited for any mainstream wooden surface, and can be used as a subtle touch or to give a deliberate accent of colour.

  • Protection against corrosion
  • High quality
  • Decorative
  • Made in Germany

No rust here.

Colour-matched and virtually invisible. Thanks to DURAVIS®, covered assemblies are no longer necessary in constructions. Our wood connectors and fittings can withstand any weather. We offer a 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee on this.


DURAVIS® wood connectors and fittings are not only popular because of their exclusive appearance but also because they are particularly weather-resistant. Thanks to the high-quality duplex-coating consisting of galvanisation, primer and a final powder coating, your wooden constructions will withstand wind and weather for many years to come. Quality you can rely on!

* Stainless steel is essentially protected against corrosion but extraneous rust can appear if mistakes are made in processing or subsequent handling.

Structure of the duplex-coating

No weakness in the corrosion protection to be seen after over 1000 hours in a salt spray test (DIN EN ISO 9227). Duplex-coatings are also used in oil rigs, for instance.

  • No bubbling
  • No delamination of the powder coating
  • No rust infiltration

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The products